Utility Companies Join Forces to Keep NI Connected this Winter

Four of Northern Ireland’s top utility companies - NIE Networks, Northern Ireland Water, Openreach and Phoenix Natural Gas - have joined forces for the 9th year running to launch a campaign which aims to ensure property owners across the region are ready and prepared for winter.

Over the last nine years, the four companies have worked together to support the public over the winter period, sharing advice and guidance on how to ensure your home or property is prepared for any adverse weather that may impact on services, and this year is no different.

Speaking about the initiative, Mairead Meyer, Director of Openreach in Northern Ireland and Chair of the Joint Utilities Working Group said, “As we all know the winter season in Northern Ireland can bring unpredictable weather and this can impact on the services we provide to home and property owners right across the region. In the coming weeks we will be issuing helpful information on our social media channels and websites as well as through other media channels like local papers to make sure that people know what to do and who to contact if any problems arise at their property.

“Since the outbreak of Covid-19, more people are now working, learning, and spending time with their loved ones at home – so it has never been as important for all four companies to work in partnership to ensure we keep everyone connected to vital services. Our teams of engineers, which combined totals more than 3,400 people, have all been granted keyworker status and have been working tirelessly to make sure this happens and they will continue to do so over the winter months and beyond.”

Mairead concluded, “We’re also asking the public to continue to keep an eye out for their neighbours, especially for anyone vulnerable in the community, and to contact us if they notice any faults whether at their own home or property or elsewhere. Working together means we can resolve any issues and keep everyone connected to what matters most this winter.”

To report any faults or in the case of any emergencies please contact:

  • Openreach: 0800 023 2023 or visit openreach.co.uk/ni
  • NIE Networks: 03457 643 643 or visit nienetworks.co.uk
  • Northern Ireland Water: 03457 440 088 or visit niwater.com
  • Phoenix Natural Gas: 03454 555 555 or visit phoenixnaturalgas.com