UTV Gets Green Footprint of Approval

UTV News and Programmes have achieved albert Certification, awarded as a result of its environmental commitments and sustainable working practices in production.

First to receive certification, in late 2020, were all ITV regional newsrooms, of which UTV is a part, making it the UK’s first sustainable news operation.  And just last month, programmes produced by UTV have also achieved the environmental standard.

Founded in 2011 and governed by an industry consortium, albert is an environmental organisation aiming to encourage the TV and film production industry to reduce waste and its carbon footprint. It supports everyone working in film and TV to understand their opportunities to create positive environmental change, and to tackle environmental impact.

This significant milestone is part of ITV’s undertaking to ensure that all programmes produced by ITV Studios, ITV regional news and ITV Sport are albert certified, awarded for reducing the environmental impact of the production. ITV has also committed to albert certification for all programmes commissioned for ITV’s channels, to be achieved by the end of 2021.

Simon Clemison, Head of News and Programmes at UTV said, “We’re very proud that UTV as part of the ITV regional newsrooms are the UK’s first sustainable regional news team, having received accreditation in August 2020. We all have a part to play in tackling climate change and achieving albert certification is an important step forward in the way we produce and broadcast our news bulletins.  We need to not only reduce the impact of our production, but truthfully communicate the climate agenda to our viewers as well.

“And I’m absolutely delighted that our UTV-produced programmes, Up Close, View from Stormont and UTV Life are now also joining the newsroom with their own albert accreditations, making our entire UTV operations albert certified.

“When viewers see the distinctive albert footprint logo at the end of our news bulletins and these programmes, this is proof that in the making of that programme all elements of production and broadcast have adhered to the strictest environmental standards.”

ITV recently outlined its ambitious 2030 environmental targets, as part of its Social Purpose Strategy, intending to take action to improve the environmental impact of the areas most material to the business – its global carbon emissions, its waste, its supply chain and culture.

ITV’s Director of Social Purpose Clare Phillips said, “ITV’s environmental ambition is to create the biggest shows with the smallest footprint. Taking action on ITV’s environmental targets in every business area is crucial to achieving these targets. The next 10 years are key in averting irreversible and catastrophic climate change. It’s why we have aligned ITV’s 2030 environmental targets to the reductions that science is telling us we need to do.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done so far, and look forward to the solutions we’ll find to continue to create programmes that have the biggest impact on the audience and the smallest impact on the planet.”