Age-Inclusive Business Review | Business in the Community

The Age-Inclusive Business Review is a free, self-assessment tool that will help your organisation identify gaps in its approach to becoming a more age-friendly employer.

The questions in the Review are best completed by an HR representative, or someone with diversity and inclusion responsibilities in your organisation. It will take approximately 25 minutes to finish the Review, and on completion you will receive bespoke age-inclusion recommendations for your organisation.

Questions and associated recommendations fall under four key themes: Financial Wellbeing; Health and Wellbeing; Work-life Balance; and Workplace Practices.

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Why carry out an Age-Inclusive Business Review?

The Age-Inclusive Business Review is available through Business in the Community and Age NI’s Age at Work project, which aims to encourage and support businesses to be more age inclusive in recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers.

Creating an age-diverse and inclusive workplace can:

  • Create a better working environment and work-life balance, supporting staff retention
  •  Improve the financial wellbeing of staff, for a happier and productive workforce
  • Reduce staff turnover, creating stability in the workforce and reducing recruitment costs
  • Profile your organisation as an employer of choice