Business in the Community, in partnership with Ulster Wildlife, provides the Business and Biodiversity Charter – a framework for businesses to engage with biodiversity.

The Charter is based around a staged approach, and is applicable to all organisations from micro-businesses to large facilities owned by multi-national companies. In order to successfully determine an organisation’s level of achievement within the Charter, participants will need to demonstrate how they meet each level – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The aims of the Biodiversity Charter are to:

  • Provide a framework for organisations of all sizes to address their impact on biodiversity, not only in terms of land-holding management but also in relation to their activities, products and services
  • Provide a mechanism for third-party recognition of organisations’ biodiversity management
  • Give employees the capacity to undertake biodiversity-related actions at home, and in their communities outside work
  • Enable employees to gain the health and wellbeing benefits associated with green space/biodiversity activities
  • Foster links between environmental organisations, business and the community

The Charter helps businesses implement biodiversity initiatives, and provides third party recognition of achievement.

Contact: Keelin McCone