Climate Action Pledge

About the Climate Action Pledge

To ensure a liveable future and limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5°C, businesses must play their part and work to urgently reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

By signing the Climate Action Pledge, and setting and striving to achieve ambitious GHG reduction targets, Northern Ireland organisations can demonstrate their commitment and willingness to collaborate to address this critical issue, as part of their race to net zero.

Signatory organisations commit to reduce their absolute scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by either 30% or 50% by 2030; and to work towards measuring and reporting their scope 3 GHG emissions. The chosen base year must be 2015 or thereafter.

If your organisation does not measure its GHG emissions yet or you’re not sure what scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 is, we have the resources to help.  Email us a at to find out how we can support you, or take a look at the resources section below.

Still not sure if your organisation is ready to sign the Climate Action Pledge? Take a look at our Climate Action Pledge Flow Chart to help you figure out your next steps, or how to get started.

Find out who has signed the Pledge.

How we will support you to achieve the targets of the Pledge

Through the campaign we will support signatories to achieve the targets of the Pledge by providing:

  • A helpful Climate Action Pledge FAQ factsheet that will help your oganisation to sign up to the Climate Action Pledge, use the Climate Action Pledge Reporting Platform, and meet the requirements of the commitment.
  • Free access for Pledge signatories to calculate and measure emissions on our Pledge Reporting Platform, you can register for the platform using the link in this How to Guide
  • Bespoke training, e-learning and education opportunities for senior management and staff
  • Support with development and evaluation of strategies and action plans through workshops
  • Sector-focused Climate Action Toolkits
  • Signposting to useful resources from Business in the Community and external organisations
  • Support with measurement, reporting and communicating progress to key stakeholders
  • Links to carbon offsetting opportunities at a local level
  • Best practice examples and case studies
  • Networking and profiling opportunities through BITC communication channels and events

Climate Action Resource Hub

If you have recently completed the Climate Action Programme and would like to find out more about the next steps in your climate-action journey, use this helpful Climate Action Resource Hub to help you make further progress.

Please contact to discuss your organisation becoming a Climate Action Pledge signatory.

Climate Action Pledge Annual Report | 2023

The annual Climate Action Pledge Report is an important milestone in an ambitious long-term climate action campaign which creates urgency and a platform for joint action by business.

Click here to download the 2023 Report, released in May 2024.