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An amazing, free-to-access resource to help educators, parents and young people better understand the needs of the 21st Century workplace and help prepare young people for the transition into working life.

Facilitators help students with work skills, people skills and money skills

Business in the Community is the charity partner for LifeSkills in Northern Ireland, and will support its delivery in classrooms across the country, already reaching over 28,000 participants in a number of schools and working with hundreds of local educators.

Barclays LifeSkills aims to help all people in the UK whether that’s a young person preparing for their first job, to someone wanting to progress in their career, make changes to their working life or starting their own business. Since 2013, the LifeSkills programme has been supporting youth employment by raising the confidence, motivation and aspirations of millions of young people who are making the move from education into work. To date, more than 11 million young people have participated in the programme, with almost nine in ten students saying they feel more motivated to achieve and three quarters having higher ambitions and aspirations. LifeSkills focuses on core, transferable skills such as CV writing, interview skills, problem solving, adaptability, creativity, resilience, proactivity, community and leadership.

Why get involved?

LifeSkills for educators . . . access more than 60 hours of lessons plans and resources, choose the free resources and lessons that work best for you, and follow the LifeSkills lesson plans to help prepare your students for the world of work. You can also request workshops to be delivered by Business in the Community and Barclays’ staff.

LifeSkills for young people . . . online help to better understand and develop the core transferable skills that you need such as CV writing, interview skills, communication and leadership.

LifeSkills for parents . . . help your son or daughter succeed in a job interview and prepare for the 21st century workplace. LifeSkills created by Barclays gives you the tools, tips and advice to help them unlock their potential.


Click play to listen to our superstars above at U105 telling people all about the importance of LifeSkills and how our project is helping them.

Young people feel the following*:

  • 88% are motivated to do better in their academic and vocational studies
  • 83% improved their awareness of own strengths and skills
  • 78% improved their understanding of how to manage money
  • 85% improved their understanding of the skills needed for the future workplace
  • 77% now have higher ambitions and aspirations
  • 89% of teachers rated the LifeSkills resources as good or very good

*LifeSkills Impact Report 2020

There’s something for everyone – Teachers, Young People Parent. Click here to find out more

“In an ever-evolving careers landscape which is increasingly competitive, it is vitally important that all young people are given the same opportunities to gain the core transferable skills that employers are looking for. It’s a big pressure: they need not only the academic results, but the skills that we know businesses need now and in the future as technology reshapes our working world.”
Adrian Doran | Head of Barclays Northern Ireland

Do you work for a Business in the Community member company?

If you do, you are welcome to come out and see LifeSkills in action for yourself and share your experiences of the world of work. You can attend a session along with one of our facilitators. We love to have you join us. Contact: Emma Morrison to book your place.

Visit, or email Emma Morrison
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