Time 2 Count aims to help pupils enhance their basic skills in maths and numeracy while boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Numeracy is the effective use of maths to meet the general demands of life at school and at home, in paid work, and for participation in the wider community. Too many children start to fall behind in maths early on, and that failure is compounded over the years. We want all children to see maths as something they can learn and something that is relevant to their lives after school. Whether or not they proceed to higher level maths, all children need to develop confidence in numeracy skills that will serve them well throughout life.

Volunteer for Time 2 Count and you can instill a life-long love of numeracy in young people by:

  • Being positive about maths and making it fun
  • Helping pupils see opportunities to use maths in everyday life for example, measuring, shopping, cooking and travelling
  • Praising pupils for efforts, rather than for being “clever” – this shows them that by working hard they can always improve!

Inspire the future workforce with a Workplace Visit

We know lots of organisations love the idea of Time 2 Count but cannot commit to the ongoing weekly volunteering. As an alternative, why not help inspire the future workforce by hosting a workplace visit? We’re looking for companies who can host a visit for primary school pupils. Give them a tour of your workplace or introduce them to staff from a variety of departments. Visits can take place at any time throughout the academic year and we can provide supporting PR. If you have any queries, please email Ciara Mulgrew.



Could you spare an hour per week to help Key Stage 2 pupils see how much fun maths can be?

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