Rita Overend | HWL - Business In The Community

Rita is a Befriending Counsellor at PIPS . She works with suicide prevention teams to provide emotional,  mental and practical support to those affected by suicide and suicidation. Besides working with individual service users, as a Befriending Counsellor, Rita works with businesses, emergency services, prison/probationary bodies, schools, universities, judicial bodies, community groups and many more besides.

PIPS is cross community and places no barriers upon age/demographic/religion etc when out services are required. As a Befriending counsellor, Rita can advocate on behalf of clients in all aspects of daily life; medical /health professionals, law enforcement, emergency services, housing executive, food banks etc etc.

PIPS is non- government funded and our ethos is to bring hope and support to end suicide and self harm through practical and emotional support.