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A not so ‘Blue Monday’ for Henry Brothers

The third Monday of January has been awarded the gloomy title of ‘Blue Monday’ and widely considered the most depressing day of the year due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights, the arrival of unpaid credit card bills, failing new year’s resolutions and low motivational levels – but that was not the case for Henry Brothers personnel this year!

About Henry Brothers 

Henry Brothers is now recognised as a leading construction company with a turnover approaching £100m per annum and more than 200 direct employees. The Henry Group comprises a number of manufacturing and construction sector companies, ranging from external construction through to interiors fit-out.

Henry Brothers mission is to deliver the best construction solution it possibly can for every client, every time, without fail.

What the company did

As the Company could not host its annual Christmas lunch for the second year running, it took the decision to announce that it was gifting every employee with an additional days’ leave on Blue Monday, 17th January 2022. It strongly encouraged its workforce to use their day off to do something that makes them happy.

To make the day even better, Henry Brothers asked their team members to also do a random act of kindness that would bring some joy to someone else. What a day it turned out to be!

How Henry Brothers colleagues spent their day

Kubra | ‘Making a little kid’s day’ – Kubra doesn’t get the opportunity to do the school drop off and pick up on the days she is working, so she used her day off to do just that and spend quality time walking to and from school with her 7 year-old son. A simple action, but a very nice feeling for mum and son.

Richard | With his faithful hound in tow, Richard used his day off for Blue Monday to set of early to catch the morning sun aS they explored the great outdoors along the beautiful North Coast, stopping at Port Moon Bothy for lunch.

Chloe | It was off to the gym for Chloe on her day off and then she visited her mum and a surprise box of chocolates to brighten up her day.

Victoria | Victoria used her day to meet up with a friend for brunch and a walk on the beach, as they struggle to get quality time together due to their working patterns. They really enjoyed their day and felt it was exactly what they both needed

Eoghan | Eoghan used his day to run with a group of friends who are completing 5k a day during January to raise money for Anaphylaxis Campaign Charity in memory of their late friend and young hurling sportsman.

James | It was a trip to the toy shop and the play park for James and his little niece on his day off – the smile says it all!

Ian | Staff at Ballymoney and Coleraine Ambulance Station were treated to a box of lovely snacks by Ian on his day off to thank them for their continued hard work for the local community


Shannon McGilligan Health & Wellbeing Champion highlights:

“Supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of our workforce has always been a priority for the business but never more so than it has been throughout the pandemic.

The World Health Organisation highlights the importance of making time for doing things we enjoy when looking after our mental health. It is guidance such as this and the deeply held sense of responsibility for the general wellbeing of our workforce that we took the unprecedented step of gifting an additional days’ leave to support positive mental wellbeing across our entire workforce and asking them to pay it forward through a random act of kindness for others.”

Ian Henry CR Director commented:

“We are Altogether Stronger as result of our workforce and have continued to deliver the best construction solutions we possibly can for every client throughout the most challenging of times.

As a responsible business leader we felt it was hugely important to recognise those who have supported us by supporting them and encouraging self-care as well as caring for others. We are delighted to share just a few examples of the heart-warming stories our workforce have shared with us.

We would highly recommend this type of initiative to any business as part of their portfolio for improving workforce and wider community mental wellbeing.”