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Allstate Northern Ireland

Founded in January 1999, Allstate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Allstate Corporation, the largest publicly owned Property and Casualty Insurance Company in the US.


Allstate is a multi-award winning company specialising in delivering high-quality, low-cost technology and business solutions to its parent company. As one of the largest IT companies in Northern Ireland, Allstate credits its success to its unique blend of competitive foresight, and organisational culture which is rooted in the principles of flexibility, work/life balance and the societal nature of work.

What Allstate did

Corporate Responsibility is fundamental to the culture of Allstate and is embedded in its day-to-day operational activities. Allstate’s strategy is not just about fundraising, it goes much deeper to ensure a deeper commitment to the charities it supports and people it affects. As Northern Ireland’s largest IT Company it continually modifies its business practices to live up to its people, community, and environmental goals by supporting leadership development, voluntary work, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Allstate is intrinsically committed to ensuring that every child has the right to access optimum education opportunities and, as a result, educational activities are a key part of Allstate’s overall CSR strategy. Throughout 2016 the IT firm welcomed local schools, and their pupils, eager to learn more about the technology industry, and equally to understand more about the innovation driven by our employees.

In addition to this, Allstate has proactively engaged with the education community by reaching out to local schools across the province, and has implemented initiatives across all levels of the curriculum. From pre-school, right through to A-Level and undergraduates, initiatives include one-on-one mentoring, tailored work experience programmes, coding schools, IT Celebration events and skills workshops.

Impacts and Outcomes

  • £5,000 donation to SureStart used to purchase developmental and role-playing equipment
  • Over 300 female students attended IT3Sixty Girls IT Event sponsored by Allstate
  • 15 placements offered through Allstate Insights
  • 40 teachers from 40 different schools attended 4 day course led by Allstate to learn the skills necessary to teach the new Digital Technologies GSCE
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