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Asda – The Asda Sustainability Programme

With 16 superstores across Northern Ireland plus a non-food Asda Living in Belfast and a Distribution Centre in Larne, Asda has grown from an initial 2,000 strong workforce to one of 4,500 colleagues.


Asda has made a significant contribution to the communities in which it operates by investing in job creation, providing new agri-food supplier opportunities, reducing costs for consumers, and is committed to long-term sustainable retailing.

What Asda did

Asda’s commitment to resource efficiency is evident through its Sustainability Programme which is delivering a huge impacts for the business, customers, suppliers and the environment.

The programme looks at resource efficiency in three core areas of Asda’s business; its operations, its products, and its partners. Through this strategy Asda actively works to reduce the resources needed to grow, process, store, transport and retail the food and drink it sells.

Targets are set in each area and the customer is consulted at varying stages of policy development to ensure activities are relevant. Example activities include the wonky veg range and top tips publications for customers wishing to change their behavior,

Asda is the only retailer to have mapped its supply chain against the impact of climate change ensuring resource efficiency is at the forefront of all areas of its business strategies.

The outcomes and impacts

Awards planters_Resource Efficiency Champion
Carbon footprint reduced by 12.5%
99.7% of waste diverted from landfill saving £34 million
225% increase in locally sourced produce since 2005
£48 million saved through energy efficiency activities
30% decrease in energy usage within existing stores since 2005
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