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Diageo NI gives employees the ‘Secret to Success’

As one of Northern Ireland’s major exporters, Diageo brings iconic Irish brands like Baileys, Guinness, Harp and Smithwicks to consumers around the world.


An employment base of 345 employees enables Diageo to sell products in over 180 countries. Operating across three sites in Northern Ireland which include a global Baileys facility at Mallusk, a beer bottling and packaging plant in East Belfast, and corporate headquarters in Belfast City Centre, Diageo is a global leader in the beverage alcohol industry.

What Diageo NI Ltd did

Since the success of Diageo NI’s award-winning ‘You are Made of More’ health and wellbeing campaign, the company decided its offering had evolved and has now developed its ‘Secret to Success’ programme.

The ‘Secret to Success’ programme provides a range of workshops (including Learning Unlocked, Building Resilience and Mindfulness), plus informal ‘lunch and learn’ sessions presented by senior executives who tell the story of their career successes and how they have navigated the challenges of work/life balance and created possibilities within their roles – with the key message that it is being happy that brings success, not the other way around.

The programme is aimed at helping to facilitate a positive change in the way employees think, feel and act at work, bringing to life the Diageo purpose of ‘celebrating life every day everywhere’.

A health & wellbeing steering committee now oversees all strategic plans and KPI analysis. From a health perspective, the drinks company has now also put significant focus on monitoring health and has put in place strategic plans to address key health issues in the workplace.

Impacts and outcomes

  • Scored 84% positive engagement in NI employee Values Survey
  • Operational Equipment Effectiveness has increased and is now over 70%
  • 291 employees involved in Great Diageo Weigh-off programme collaboratively losing 727kg
  • 117 participants registered for ‘Walk for Wellbeing’ Challenge
  • To find out more, email lynn.graham@diageo.com