One-to-Watch Award 2023
Corporate Responsibility

One-to-Watch Award 2023

Viberoptix, established in January 2020, is a leading company specialising in the design and construction of fibre broadband networks.


Viberoptix, established in January 2020, is a leading company specialising in the design and construction of fibre broadband networks. Initially starting with 20 staff, the company has experienced remarkable growth, currently employing 459 employees. Viberoptix has evolved into a Principle Designer and Principle Contractor, diversifying its business operations and aligning them with responsible business principles. Since joining Business in the Community in 2022, the company has actively developed its Corporate Strategy to create a positive impact on its teams, communities, and wider society.

What Viberoptix did

Viberoptix recognised the importance of implementing responsible business strategically to effectively align its activities with its business strategy. Seeking guidance and support, the company reached out to Business in the Community for assistance. The strategy was structured into three key areas: People, Place, and Environment. Viberoptix’s activities included:

  • Supporting local schools by promoting the industry, providing educational resources, and offering environmental projects to students
  • Involving all departments in responsible business initiatives, such as HR focusing on Apprenticeships and the Design team incorporating environmental considerations into its work
  • Investing in learning and development, including Carbon Literacy Training, resulting in a Carbon Action Plan and Pledge being agreed at Board level
  • Establishing an Employee Wellbeing and Charity Committee to organize events, incentivise engagement, and support local charities

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Provided direct and indirect employment
  • The number of employees increased from 20 to 459 within three years
  • Introduced health and support programmes
  • Engaged in charitable activities
  • Female staff numbers increased from 8 to 76 in a predominantly male industry
  • 26 Apprentices and 11 Higher-Level Apprentices were recruited
  • Employee satisfaction levels ranged from 87% to 95% across different departments
  • Partnered with local schools, and promoted environmental awareness
  • Company community involvement resulted in economic growth, local partnerships, and educational opportunities

In conclusion, Viberoptix’s commitment to responsible business has driven its success and positive impact on various levels. The company’s strategic approach, employee engagement, and dedication to sustainability have led to remarkable growth, enhanced brand reputation, and contributions to the betterment of society.

What the Judges said

“The judges were hugely impressed with what this organisation has achieved in such a short space of time. The culture it is seeking to develop and the activity that flows from that is clearly above and beyond this stage of its responsible business journey. Responsible business is in the DNA of this organisation and Viberoptix is truly the one-to-watch.”