Responsible Business Ambassador Award 2023
Corporate Responsibility

Responsible Business Ambassador Award 2023

Kellie-Ann Hoey, Group Head of Communications at SHS Group, is the 2023 winner of the Responsible Business Ambassador Award at the Responsible Business Awards in Northern Ireland. She was nominated by a colleague who highlighted numerous reasons that made her a clear winner.

About Kellie-Anne

Kellie-Ann is an active Responsible Business Ambassador within SHS Group, advocating for positive change by overseeing the development of policies, practices, and governance frameworks to ensure responsible business practices are integrated into day-to-day operations. Under her leadership, the company established local site champions and a calendar of activities to raise awareness and participation. She also embedded governance processes for nominated charities, ‘in-kind’ charitable donations, and group-wide volunteering. By securing BITC’s CORE: The Standard for Responsible Business (CORE) accreditation, Kellie-Ann showcased the importance of responsible business practices to other businesses.

Kellie-Ann’s passion, energy, and leadership have led to significant achievements, including the establishment of a responsible business strategy, a network of champions, and a health and wellbeing framework. She introduced the Give & Gain week and a ‘Give a Day’ employee volunteering scheme, promoting staff involvement in responsible business activities. Kellie-Ann also played a crucial role in obtaining CORE, ensuring that all divisions across the Group work within responsible business frameworks and collaborated closely with the Group Management Board to develop a responsible business strategy, making it an integral part of the company’s roadmap.

Beyond her traditional communications role, Kellie-Ann inspired colleagues through impactful communications and engagement using various channels. She encouraged senior teams to be more involved in responsible business activities and reported progress and impact to the Group Management Board regularly. Kellie-Ann actively shared best practices, kept abreast of ESG developments, and upskilled herself and her team to ensure continuous improvement.

Externally, Kellie-Ann’s influence extended to BITC’s CR Leaders Forum and CIPR NI Committee, where she advocated for responsible business activities. She devised the ‘one small change’ campaign to improve sustainability engagement, becoming the company’s most significant engagement campaign.

Kellie-Ann’s effective leadership, passion for driving positive change, and commitment to responsible business practices make her a clear and deserving winner of the Responsible Business Ambassador Award. Her achievements have significantly contributed to SHS Group’s responsible business journey and have positively impacted the company, its employees, and the wider community.

What the Judges said

“The judges said that Kellie-Ann has taken a leadership role in driving the responsible business agenda which has been truly transformational in SHS’s responsible business journey. The judges were particularly impressed with the tools Kellie-ann uses to support responsible business activity and how she has taken the feedback from CORE: The Standard for Responsible Business to drive strategy at board level.”