Responsible Product/Service Award 2023
Corporate Responsibility

Responsible Product/Service Award 2023

Since its establishment in 2001, Vyta has grown to become a world-leading specialist in the IT Asset disposal industry.


Operating across the UK and Ireland, with its head office in Mallusk, Norther Ireland, Vyta stands out for its ability to minimise data leaks risk while offering exceptional customer service and providing the highest revenue return on old IT assets. The company’s commitment to using the most secure and advanced technology and processes guarantees ultra-safe recycling of old IT equipment. Vyta holds the esteemed ADISA Standard 8.0 accreditation to distinction, as well as R2 and PAS 2060 carbon neutrality standards.

What Vyta did

Vyta offers a complete suite of IT disposal services, including secure equipment collection, total data destruction, refurbishment and resale of IT equipment, WEEE recycling, and support for office moves or IT projects. Notably, Vyta’s secure onsite data destruction service, DiskShred, operates across 13 European countries.

Additionally, Vyta runs the consumer e-commerce website,, which resells professionally refurbished IT equipment. The company works with more than 550 organizations, including data centres, banks, blue-chip organisations, top accounting firms, and public sector companies.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Vyta processed 369,000 devices in 2022, resulting in 14,242 tonnes of C02e savings
  • Revenue reached £16.08 million, up from £7 million the previous year
  • Over 99% of recycled materials were successfully recovered for future use or resale
  • Vyta achieved a carbon footprint reduction equivalent to that of 1,964 people living in Ireland
  • Electricity emissions reduced by 768kg CO2e
  • Commuting and business travel reduced by 6,140km.

Vyta’s innovative model, extensive expertise, and commitment to sustainability have positioned it as a leader in the IT asset disposal industry. Through its responsible practices and environmental focus, Vyta has not only achieved financial gains and increased market share but has also made a significant positive impact on the environment and wider society.

What the Judges said

The judges were moved by Vyta and the knowledge and passion the presenters showed They were very impressed with how Vyta’s work benefits society. The judges were reassured that the service offered by Vyta has wide-reaching benefits across the sectors and embodies the circular economy. The business also undertakes its own very impressive charitable work.

Highly commended in this category: Titanic Denim