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Seagate Technology sets employees off on ‘Healthy Journeys’

Seagate is the industry leader in hard disc drives and storage solutions. The company offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of hard disc drives, solid state drives and hybrid drives, as well as an extensive line of retail storage products.


At its wafer fabrication facility (the largest of its type) in Springtown, Derry-Londonderry, the company employs some 1,400 people in the development and manufacture of read-write heads for hard disk drives. It supplies approximately a quarter of the world’s demand for read-write heads and uses some of the most advanced technology in existence. The facility is an integral part of Seagate’s supply chain that extends to a global basis.

What Seagate Technology did

At Seagate, management is committed to facilitating and encouraging employees to achieve and maintain good health. The company recognises that the health and wellbeing of staff is critical to the stability and vitality of its business. It was from this perspective that Seagate launched its global ‘Healthy Journeys’ programme, so-called because management recognised that achieving and maintaining good health is an ongoing process requiring sustained focus.

The programme launched in Springtown in late 2012 and since then has grown from strength to strength. A cross-functional steering team was established, championed by a director, and a structured site programme was developed, with its own brand and website featuring ongoing health-related activities, events, training and help for employees to achieve better health.

The company wanted to provide employees with baseline indicators to give a snapshot of their health and help identify key health risks. The company contracted a local not-for-profit healthy living centre to run free on-site biometric screenings, branded as ‘Know Your Numbers’. The checks provided key information on health-related things like blood pressure, BMI measurement and glucose levels. One vital part of the programme was the recruitment of 30 health champions. These champions advocate good health and enable activities across all shift groups. As well as encouraging participation in site activities, they also organise off-site activities for their groups (e.g. cycling, walking, running, etc) on non-work days.

Impacts and outcomes

  • Awards planters_Workplace Health & Wellbeing
  • 800 employees attended ‘Know Your Numbers’ screenings
  • 63 employees attended emotional resilience workshops
  • 609 employees availed of on-site fitness suite induction
  • Awarded Health Workplace Award at Londonderry Business Awards
  • 2.3% attrition rate
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