SUKI Tea Makers: Climate Action Programme
Climate Change & Carbon Footprint

SUKI Tea Makers | Climate Action Programme

Award-winning SUKI Tea Makers has become a well-known brand, not just for great tasting loose leaf tea, but also for doing business in a responsible way. Responsible business network Business in the Community Northern Ireland’s (BITCNI) Climate Action Programme has been central in helping the company to implement further changes to reduce its impact on the environment.


SUKI believes that quality is defined by what it sources and delivers. The business won’t settle for second best, and this has been the driving force behind its vision since the very beginning. Having achieved Top Performing Small Business in the 2021 NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey, the artisan tea blender was eager to continue this momentum. Through participation in BITCNI’s Climate Action Programme, SUKI was able to create a long-term and meaningful plan through which to identify and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

What the company did

As part of the Climate Action Programme, SUKI’s Managing Director, Annie Irwin, and Technical Manager, Holly Cox, underwent accredited Carbon Literacy Training, during which they made both personal and professional pledges to reduce their carbon footprint. This training was relayed internally to the rest of their team.

Through the Climate Action programme, the entire Environment Team at SUKI then received three bespoke workshops from an environmental expert.

SUKI is already a signatory of the Climate Action Pledge and has been measuring its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions for many years; however, the Climate Action Programme gave SUKI the confidence and ability to begin to map out its scope 3 emissions.

SUKI’s Environment Team identified the initial and principal areas of the company’s scope 3 emissions, assigning team members to investigate and benchmark each specific area. The team now meets monthly to report on its progress, building on a concrete body of work to reach its net zero strategy, and was proud this year to publish its Environmental Impact Report 2022.

Click here to watch Annie Irwin, Managing Director, speak about SUKI’s involvement in the Climate Action Programme.

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