SUKI Tea Makers reducing our environmental impact
Climate Change & Carbon Footprint

SUKI Tea Makers

Reducing our environmental impact through conversion to plastic-free packaging. SUKI Tea Makers recognises that sustainability action at source is only part of the picture.


That is why, over recent years, it has converted all of its principal tea packaging to plastic-free to mitigate its climate change impacts. Suki Tea Makers had been searching for an eco-friendly packaging solution for many years with industry experts. One caveat was that it would have to guarantee the freshness and flavour of its tea blends. From 2019 into 2020, it was delighted to succeed in its quest and subsequently removed 2.7 tonnes of plastic packaging from going to landfill (over a 12-month period)!

What the Suki Teahouse Ltd did

Suki Tea Makers found it a challenge over all packaging types in its range to deliver home-compostable, plastic free solutions. Its pyramid tea bags are made from a clever material called ‘Soilon’ which is from corn starch. Its retail teas are packed in ‘Natureflex’ bags, created from cellulose made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. Its large pouches now feature a triple layer to maintain the tea freshness, but is also fully home compostable in 12-26 weeks! Now, that’s magic.
The Environmental Team at Suki is analysing all aspects of its day-to-day operations and where it can make the greatest positive impact, working closely with suppliers for many years to reduce and/or minimise the use of plastics throughout the business, from accessories protective packaging, to pallet wrap and the ongoing projects to complete the contact packaging picture such as plastic-free labels and pyramid envelope material. The team is working on a range of solutions.