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Survitec Group

Survitec Group Dunmurry, is part of a large group of companies employing more than 3,000 people worldwide. The Dunmurry division specialises in inflatable lifesaving equipment and employs around 300 people.


Dunmurry is recognised as the design authority and centre of excellence for Marine, Aviation, and Oil and Gas products. It has a wide-ranging customer base in the UK, Europe and a strong export business.

What the Survitec Group did

In 2017, Survitec decided to develop a corporate responsibility brand that would act as a guide in planning strategic activity and improvement projects.

The team came up with the idea of a COMPASS; this has been the perfect tool, directing its focus and attention in key strategic areas and has resulted in impressive outcomes for its business, employees and stakeholder network.

COMPASS has guided activity on:

  • North – Network

Engaging with the Customer and Service network with a view to driving longevity and sustainability of products in service, creating value for customers and supporting the environment

  • East – Environment

Investing in new technology and skills for personnel to reduce environmental impact

  • South – Suppliers and Society

Engaging with suppliers to drive cost savings and innovation to create new business opportunities and improving value for customers. Engaging with local community groups to enable personnel to give something back to society

  • West – Workforce and Wellbeing

Developing the workforce to ensure organisational knowledge remains relevant and can support innovation activity. Providing support for the workforce to keep people healthy in mind and body and happy in their jobs

Impacts and Outcomes

  • 130 network visits completed, with 400 training certificates issued
  • Products now, on average, reach 15 years old before removal from service
  • Reduction in utilities usage, 1% gas and 9% electricity
  • Reduced waste to landfill by 20%; just 5% now goes to landfill
  • £965,000 saved on purchased components
  • 24% of engineering time devoted to innovation
  • 15 separate charity events driven and supported by staff
  • Supported two local charities, Southwest Belfast Foodbank and Haven, a homeless charity based in North Belfast, raising £8,000, providing more than 400kg of food as well as providing 30 survival bags for the homeless.
  • Nine wellbeing events held in one year
  • 145 wellbeing and health and safety training entries
  • 92% employee satisfaction rating

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