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Veolia provides a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials.


In Northern Ireland, its services include wastewater treatment, sludge disposal and industrial energy management and maintenance.

What Veolia did

Veolia delivers the operation and maintenance services for five wastewater treatment works and two sewerage sludge incinerators across Northern Ireland on behalf of Glen Water under the Project Omega Public Private Partnership – Project Omega, which ultimately delivers an essential statutory service on behalf of Northern Ireland Water.

Veolia provides wastewater treatment for the communities in Bangor, Donaghadee and Millisle serving a population of 100,000 each day. In 2008, a new wastewater treatment works was constructed north of Donaghadee. Veolia has monitored minute-by-minute performance data, over the past five to six years, and used the resulting to better target their performance improvement initiatives.

Veolia implemented a ‘NDA Catchment Optimisation Project’, utilising Veolia’s global knowledge and expertise, through the delivery of Veolia’s Global Green Tool, to:

  • ensure greater asset reliability and uptime
  • reduce the environmental impact from the delivery of the wastewater services
  • reduce operational call outs/reduction in vehicle movements
  • improve the operational outputs resulting in an improved liquid sludge quality and therefore reducing the number of vehicle movements to dispose of the liquid sludge
  • through condition based monitoring reduce the electricity consumption across the catchment at both the wastewater treatment works and associated pumping stations
  • negate operational risk, during and after implementation
  • ensure compliance with environmental regulatory permits and consents

Impacts and Outcomes

  • 6 tons/CO2 reduction – due to a reduction in liquid sludge transport requirements through optimised operations
  • Improved energy efficiency – an energy efficiency upgrade at Donaghadee Pumping Station resulted in 10% extra flow, with only 5% more power used
  • 70% reduction in reactive jobs due to increased reliability of assets through implementation of Veolia’s Optimised Operations and Maintenance system
  • Cost savings achieved through improved resource efficiency of both systems and processes
  • Asset life improvement and improved asset reliability provides greater reliability on performance and a reduction in risk to the environment

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