Wellbeing at Work Award 2023
Employee Wellbeing & Inclusion

Wellbeing at Work Award 2023

GRAHAM is a privately-owned company with a rich history dating back to 1778.


Specialising in building, civil engineering, interior fit-out, facilities management, and investment projects, GRAHAM operates across various sectors, including healthcare, education, rail, highways, and commercial. With more than 2,200 colleagues operating from 23 regional offices, GRAHAM values its people as the core of its business and the driving force behind its success.

What GRAHAM did

GRAHAM recognised the importance of employee wellbeing and took proactive steps to create a positive and healthy working environment. It developed a comprehensive Wellbeing Strategy focused on integrating health and wellbeing into day-to-day activities. The strategy was built around four key areas of health and wellbeing: Physical, Mental, Social, and Financial.

To support its employees, GRAHAM provided easy access to wellbeing initiatives through an interactive calendar of events and support mechanisms available on its website and personal devices. It also implemented specific initiatives, such as menopause support for female colleagues and their managers, with policies and support mechanisms developed through consultation and evidence-based research.

GRAHAM’s leadership played a crucial role in driving wellbeing initiatives. The Senior Board prioritised employee health and wellbeing, leading to the establishment of a cross-functional Wellbeing Working Group. The company also appointed a Wellbeing Manager to provide tactical and operational wellbeing advice and support the training of Mental Health First Aiders.

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Employee survey showed an overall positive engagement rate of 82% and high confidence in leadership (83%)
  • By providing menopause support, GRAHAM helped female colleagues navigate this life stage, resulting in increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
  • The company’s wellbeing initiatives also led to broader organisational benefits, including improvements in people data KPIs, reduced employee absence and turnover rates, and increased financial turnover and profits
  • GRAHAM’s innovative wellbeing programmes and scalable design template made them adaptable for different industries and business types, with some initiatives becoming commercially viable products for external partners
  • 93% of employees believe that mental wellbeing is important to GRAHAM and 84% know how to talk about their wellbeing. By prioritising employee wellbeing, GRAHAM created a positive and sustainable working environment, positioning itself as a ‘leader for wellbeing’ across all industries. This approach not only protected the business against the impacts of poor employee health but also contributed to its reputation as a great place to work.

In conclusion, GRAHAM’s proactive approach to employee wellbeing, driven by leadership commitment and innovative initiatives, resulted in a positive working environment, increased engagement, and improved business performance. The company’s focus on the four key areas of health and wellbeing and tailored support for specific employee groups demonstrated a commitment to inclusivity and a ‘whole person’ development approach. Through its efforts, GRAHAM has established itself as a ‘leader for wellbeing,’ contributing to its ongoing success and making them an attractive employer for a diverse workforce.

What the Judges said

“It’s not just the generosity and care shown to staff and their families that shone through from GRAHAM’s entry and presentation, it was also its generosity and care for the wider community, particularly in the current economic crisis.”