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About the NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey

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The Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey and Small Business Survey benchmark organisations against sector peers and leading Northern Ireland organisations, based on environmental management and performance in key areas, as well as the extent to which environmental business practices have been embedded within corporate strategies.

Both versions of the Survey are recognised as positive influencers and help organisations:

  • Identify environmental impacts
  • Measure progress to drive improvement
  • Raise awareness of the environment as an important, strategic and competitive issue at board level
  • Publicly demonstrate their commitment to better environmental practice

Since 1998, the Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey has pushed the environmental agenda to the fore and in 2020 over 100 organisations of all sizes and from a range of industry sectors took part, including, construction, education, engineering, and food and drink. To see a full list of participants, download the 2020 report here.

The Small Business Survey, a reduced version of the main Survey, was introduced in 2019 and offers businesses that employ fewer than 25 people the opportunity to demonstrate their environmental credentials alongside the major players in Northern Ireland.

The 2020 Survey was supported by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and sponsored Moy Park.

The Survey Process

The Survey, which is an online self-disclosure exercise. The length of time required to submit your entry will vary depending on your organisation, but we recommend starting as early as possible to allow lots of time to collate the information needed for submission.

The data you submit is treated in the strictest confidence and shared only with Carnstone, our Survey verification partner.

Carnstone conduct verification in two stages. Firstly, they analyse the raw data from the Survey, looking for any inconsistencies, significant changes in organisations’ responses year-on-year, and missing data. Secondly, they select approximately 10% of participating organisations as a sample, to be verified in person.

If you have any queries or wish to register to participate in the 2021 NI Environmental Benchmarking Survey please email environment@bitcni.org.uk

2020 George Dawson Award for Environmental Contribution

Thank you and congratulations to Diarmuid Mullan, Site Manager, Heron Bros, who was awarded the 2020 George Dawson Award Diarmuid Mullan, Site Manager, Heron Bros, for passion and commitment to improving environmental performance, both within his company and in the wider community.

The George Dawson Award for Environmental Contribution was established in 2008 to pay tribute to the memory of George Dawson, a former Director of Business in the Community.

George passed away in 2007, following a short illness. During his nine years with the organisation, he developed the environmental campaign into a highly respected and successful driver for corporate environmental improvement in Northern Ireland.

2020 Trophies

The 2018, 2019 and 2020 Northern Ireland Environmental Benchmarking Survey trophies and the George Dawson Award were made by local supplier David Keys Sustainable Woodworking.

David runs an ‘unplugged’ workshop, where he uses ‘old-school’ hand tools to reduce electricity consumption. Most of the tools he uses date back to before the Second World War, and he has restored them back to their original condition.

The 2020 trophies were made from old, disused wood including: a church pew, a park bench, and a bed frame.

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