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The Circular Economy is a regenerative economic system in which resources, and the value provided by them, are instead retained within the system; this also protects the environment by reducing demand for extraction of raw materials, as well as reducing the need to dispose of waste products and materials.

The guides provided in the resources section of this Hub will explain this concept in more detail, and suggest some actions for you to integrate this concept into your organisation to capitalise from the economic opportunities which this approach can provide.

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Report: Introduction to implementing

the circular economy in organisations

Download here

Report: The case for a Circular

Economy Strategy for Northern Ireland

Download here

Report: Smart Growth – The economic

case for a UK circular economy

Download here

Report: Resource Productivity

and the Circular Economy The

opportunities for the UK economy

Download here


Blog: A paperless office – circular

document management

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Blog: Digital Transformation – the

four ingredients for success

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Blog: The emergence of the circular office

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Blog: What does responsible business

mean in an ‘exponential’ world?

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Blog: Plastic – is it always a problem?

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Circular Office Guide

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Event Reports


Demystifying the Circular Economy

Download here

Circular Economy and the Northern Ireland

Environmental Benchmarking Survey

Download here

Circular Economy Knowledge Swap

Download here

Tackling the plastics problem

Download here



Circular Showcase: Interface


An Introduction to Industrial Symbiosis


A Circular Solution for Ceilings