Ban the Box companies signed-up | Business in the Community NI

More than 8 million people of working age in the UK have a criminal conviction – a fifth of the available workforce. The biggest influencing factor in reducing re-offending is employment.

The following organisations have signed-up to Ban the Box. You can join the growing list of organisations in Northern Ireland who have helped this campaign by signing up to Ban the Box.

Organisations signed up to Ban the Box in Northern Ireland have so far positively impacted available opportunities for people with convictions, covering 65,581 roles, where the risk of unfair discrimination is significantly reduced.


We are very grateful to our funders the Department of Justice and Northstone, who are helping us launch Ban the Box in NI. We’re working with support from NIACRO and Equality Commission for NI to develop this exciting campaign.

To find out more, contact Ryan Stockard.