Building up STEAM towards your children’s future

In this webinar we will explore how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and the Arts intersect, the difference between STEM and STEAM, the multitude of opportunities and career paths available, and how parents/guardians/employees of STEM and Arts companies can engage and inspire children towards future careers in these areas.

  • Date:

    20 Oct 2021

  • Time:

    12:30 - 1:30 pm

  • Location:


Developing a future workforce of creative, independent, problem-solving individuals empowered to collaborate in teams of diverse skill sets has never been so important. Recent events have accelerated changes in work practices; forced re-evaluation of how, when and where we live and work; highlighted the importance of scientific endeavour, creativity and innovation; and reasserted the need for human connection in our lives and our societies.

How do we address this and engage and support our children and young people into their future? Join us for this webinar to find out.

STEAM Education Support: Understanding Pathways for Children and Youth towards STEM & Arts Careers


  • A little bit about us at STEAM Education Ltd and how we inspire children
  • The Importance/Benefits of STEAM [Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Maths]
  • The ‘A’ in STEAM
  • The influence and impact of Parents/Guardians, Education and Community
  • Exploring Career Pathways
  • Real life stories from people in STEAM Careers
  • Employee volunteering and company opportunities to support STEAM in schools
  • Q&A

Event speakers

  • Dr Alice D’Arcy – Managing Director, STEAM Education Ltd
  • Sinead McGleenon – STEAM (NI) Client & Schools Engagement Executive
  • Suzanne O’Brien – Scientist & Educator