Airport funds the most important meal of the day for pupils at local schools

Pupils at a local Belfast primary school are reaping the benefits of the most important meal of the day thanks to funding from George Best Belfast City Airport’s Community Fund.

The financial support provided by the airport ensures Primary 4 – Primary 7 pupils at Euston Street Primary School start their day with a nutritious breakfast that will maintain and sustain their energy and concentration levels until break time.

Following a pupil audit in April, results have shown that 98% of Euston Street Primary school children said the Breakfast Club had helped with their levels of concentration within the classroom, with numeracy scores improving by 59% and literacy by 63%.

Joanne Currie, Principal of Euston Street Primary School, said:

“With schedules busier than ever, many young people are missing out on a proper meal in the morning, and are instead consuming quick, often sugary, snacks.

“The funding from the airport, which is very much appreciated by all involved, has allowed us to facilitate a Breakfast Club between 8:15 – 8:45am each day meaning parents can rest assured their child is getting their day off to the best start with a healthy meal whilst saving the family both money and time in the morning.

“Research suggests that children learn better when well-nourished and we have certainly witnessed improved concentration and motivation levels within the pupils since launching the initiative.”

Ten year old Lakota has been availing of the service provided by the Breakfast Club and her mother is delighted with its introduction.

“A parent’s main concern is always the wellbeing of their child and as a busy mum, I am very grateful to the school and the airport for ensuring the pupils are well set up for the day and ready to maximise their learning potential.

“With a choice of cereals, fresh fruit, toast, pancakes and fruit juice, there is plenty of choice and sets a fantastic example for the kids, not only in making sure they get the most important meal of the day, but also in choosing the healthy option.

“With Lakota going to the Breakfast Club I know that she is having a good start to her school day, whilst giving me time to organise her younger brother. It’s a win, win all round!”

Since 2009, the Airport Community Fund has donated over £180,000 to charitable causes throughout Northern Ireland to help promote positive wellbeing within the community and environment.

Stephen Patton, Human Resources Manager at George Best Belfast City Airport, said:

“Supporting young people within our community and enhancing their wellbeing is a key objective of the airport and I am delighted that the funding we provided to the Breakfast Club has had such a positive impact on the pupils at Euston Street Primary School.”

For more information on how your school, group or project can apply to the Belfast City Airport Community Fund, please visit