Danske Bank launches new Energy Saving Trust tool to help customers reduce emissions and save money

Danske Bank and Energy Saving Trust have launched a new tool that tells people how energy efficient their home is and provides advice on steps they can take to save money and help the environment.

Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation working to address the climate emergency. Every year, it empowers millions of households to make better energy choices and supports businesses to enable them to play their part in building a sustainable future.

Danske Bank has teamed up with Energy Saving Trust to create a straightforward, free, online home-energy check that asks people a series of questions about their home and then produces a personalised report and action plan to improve energy efficiency.

The report includes estimates of a home’s energy performance certificate (EPC) rating, its energy costs, and its CO2 emissions, and it estimates how much certain changes—such as installing solar panels, low energy lightbulbs, or enhanced insulation—would cost, along with how much these changes could potentially save consumers on their bills.

In 2020, the residential sector accounted for 21% of all CO2 emissions in the UK, and energy bills could rise by £250 in 2022 (for a typical three-bedroom, gas-heated home), according to recent research* by Energy Saving Trust.

Chris Martin, Head of Sustainability at Danske Bank, said:

 “The cost and energy-saving estimates & insights within the tool empower homeowners to make decisions on how they can improve their property to reduce their energy bills and improve their home energy rating. With energy costs continuing to increase, this is more important than ever. And if we all took even one small step to make our homes more energy efficient, it could significantly reduce the UK’s CO2 emissions.”

Danske Bank believes businesses have an important part to play in addressing the climate crisis. As well as committing to reduce its own carbon impact, it has launched a programme with Business in the Community to help businesses become carbon literate. After launching last year, Danske’s Carbon Neutral Mortgage—which is certified by the Carbon Trust—now accounts for 25% of new mortgage business in Northern Ireland, and the product has now been launched in parts of England.

The Energy Saving Trust Tool can be found at Energy Saving Trust | Mortgages | Danske Bank