Getting Work Ready with BT

BT has been organising work placements for young people in Belfast.
It’s part of the leading Northern Ireland employer’s Work Ready programme, which is run in conjunction with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation.

Eight young people signed up for the first 15-day work placement to get hands-on work experience, coaching and training.

Transmission Support Engineer, Tommy Rainey, gave Aaron O’Neill (20), Conor Pollock (17), Taylor Scott (17) and Peter Lynch (17) a tour of the Belfast City Exchange. The group share an interest in engineering and were keen to get a look behind the scenes.

Aaron said: “We’re all really interested in the BT apprenticeship scheme, so this work placement is a great opportunity to find out how things work and get an idea of what it’s like to be a BT engineer.”

After showing the group around every floor, Tommy said: “They certainly kept me on my toes, asking good questions. It’s fantastic to see they’re all really interested in the equipment and want to find out all they can.”
With the support of the Rio Ferdinand Foundation and Active Communities Network, the BT Work Ready Programme provides mentoring and helps young people develop the skills and confidence they need to find employment.

Mairead Meyer, Managing Director of NI Networks, said: “Our work placement programme is helping young people experience working days in a variety of settings. It gives them an idea of what to expect in the workplace, but also allows them to think about the sort of job they’d be interested in doing.

“I’m proud so many of our team got involved, passing on valuable insights which will help these young people develop the skills they need to find employment.”

Jim Donnelly, Head of Programmes NI for Active Communities Network said: “This is an exciting new partnership that is bringing a real energy into creating employment opportunities for our tremendous young people in Belfast and we are delighted to be involved.”

On completing the course, the participants received a certificate showing their attendance and achievements to demonstrate their commitment to prospective employers.

For more information on the BT Work Ready programme visit: