Translink and Golden Thread Gallery Triumph at Arts and Business Awards NI

Translink and the Golden Thread Gallery have won the prestigious Creative Community Engagement Award at the Arts and Business Awards NI.

This recognition highlights their exemplary partnership, harnessing the power of creativity to foster community engagement and drive positive change for communities in Northern Ireland.

This award celebrates Translink and the Golden Thread Gallery’s outstanding collaboration in engaging with over 1000 people in the local communities of North Belfast, specifically in connection with the redevelopment of the York Street Train Station.

Commenting on the award, Michael Holmes, Translink Programme Manager, said: ‘‘Translink’s engagement with local communities in partnership with the Golden Thread Gallery in relation to the new York Street Train Station goes beyond transportation—it embodies a commitment to shared spaces, cultural vibrancy, and community well-being. Through collaborative efforts, we’re shaping a station that reflects the heart and soul of North Belfast.

‘‘The Creative Community Engagement Award underscores the impactful role of arts and business partnerships in creating meaningful connections within localities. Translink, Northern Ireland’s public transportation provider, and the Golden Thread Gallery, a dynamic contemporary art space, seamlessly merged their expertise to weave a creative thread that resonated with the North Belfast communities.’’

Sarah McAvera, Deputy Director of the Golden Thread Gallery, added: ‘‘Our collaboration with Translink exemplifies the positive impact that can be achieved when the worlds of transportation and art converge. We are thrilled to be acknowledged for our joint efforts in engaging with the vibrant communities of North Belfast.”

The partnership’s commitment to engaging the local communities in the redevelopment of the York Street Train Station showcases the potential for art and transport to transcend traditional boundaries. Through innovative community initiatives, including workshops, and collaborative events, the local North Belfast community have influenced the creation of a piece of public art which will be unveiled at the new York Street Station’s opening.

Translink and the Golden Thread Gallery have demonstrated how art and creativity can enrich the lives of individuals and contribute to the cultural vitality of communities.

The Arts and Business Awards NI highlight the importance of partnerships between the cultural and business sectors, showcasing the positive influence they can have on local communities.

Translink and the Golden Thread Gallery’s success in this category further solidifies their commitment to fostering creativity, inclusivity, and community spirit. For more information on the project please visit