Translink encourages Bangor Central Integrated Primary School to ‘Go Safe’ and ‘Go Eco’ on the railway network

Translink recently visited Bangor Central Integrated Primary School to share an update on the ongoing restoration of the Old Sand Drying Chimney project which is now entering its final phase.

The Old Sand Drying Chimney and associated outbuildings which form a key part of Bangor’s built and industrial heritage are close to the railway line on the Brunswick Road.

Translink also shared with pupils and teachers how safety, especially in and around railways, is Translink’s top priority, emphasising the dangers and risks to children and young people on railway work and infrastructure sites, as well as information on what Translink is doing to promote sustainability!

It is important that the general public remember how easily people, and especially children and teenagers, can put themselves and others at risk by not using level crossings or platforms properly, or by trespassing on or near the railway line or a work site.  Translink would also encourage parents and carers to know where their children are and ensure that they are not engaging in unsafe or anti-social behaviour on the public transport network.

Translink’s Head of Assurance, Ian Morrow, said: “The ongoing project to restore the Old Sand Drying Chimney will help to secure the long-term future of the structure and maintain the chimney as a well-known landmark in Bangor’s skyline.   We’ve also highlighted key safety facts, like how quiet trains are at speed, and how they may not always be heard until they are just metres away.

Ian continued: ‘‘Translink has been pleased to give the pupils at the school the opportunity to learn more about rail and platform safety.  Furthermore, we’ve taken the opportunity to tell the pupils about sustainability and biodiversity as part of this project, helping to emphasise what Translink is doing to help protect our environment.”

Translink is investing to maintain our high safety standards for our customers, staff and the wider public, and it is important that everyone, particularly children and young people, heeds the warnings and stays safe around the railway network and around our sites as we work to improve our railway network and deliver a society that’s better connected.