Ban the Box aims to give people with convictions a fairer chance at securing employment, by encouraging companies to ask the conviction question at a later point in the application process. This reduces the risk of unfair discrimination and overlooking talent.

Ban the Box asks companies to commit to:

  • Remove any tick box from the initial job application forms that ask about criminal convictions
  • Consider applicants’ skills, experience and ability to do the job before asking about criminal convictions
  • Review their employment processes to ensure that when a candidate discloses a criminal conviction they are given a full opportunity to explain the situation
  • Ensure that the circumstances of any conviction are fairly assessed against their relevance to and risk within the role before a decision is made

We are bringing this campaign to NI in 2020, following its success in England and Scotland in recent years. Companies are being supported to sign up to Ban the Box through advisory workshops, Seeing is Believing virtual visits, and employer toolkits and guides.

Join the steering group

The Ban the Box Steering Group will oversee and help drive the campaign. The Group will be made up of representatives from eight organisations, who will meet quarterly, drive campaign activity, and participate in and champion Ban the Box.

To find out more or get involved in the steering group or Ban the Box campaign, contact Sara Neilson or complete the form below.

Watch the Ban the Box: Employing people with convictions in NI webinar

We are very grateful to our funders the Department of Justice and Northstone, who are helping us launch Ban the Box in NI. We’re working with support from NIACRO and Equality Commission for NI to develop this exciting campaign.