Aimed at HR and Equality professionals, the Wellbeing & Inclusion series includes three sessions per year on current workplace topics. These sessions provide participants with the opportunity to network, hear from topic experts and learn from leading-edge business best practice.

These informative sessions will last for two hours and will help you gain knowledge and guidance on a particular area with a view to improving your workplace.

Please Note: Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and book up fast.

Inclusion Revolution! The Power of Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace!

We live in a diverse society and successful organisations are increasingly recognising the benefits it can bring. Facilitated by TextHelp, this FREE workshop offers an opportunity to discuss ideas to attract, support and retain a diverse workforce.

Embracing and supporting diversity, including neurodiversity, can help organisations reach and attract staff from a wider talent pool, with new ways of thinking and problem solving emerging as a result. A diverse workforce is also better equipped to engage more effectively with a diverse customer base seeking solutions.

As an employer, you will have a diverse and neuro-diverse workforce and you have legal obligations to support them. Ensuring everyone is properly equipped to understand – and be understood – in the workplace is more important than ever before.

At this event we will look at examples of organisations that are successfully making diversity – in particular, neurodiversity – work for them to deliver tangible business benefits.

This FREE workshop will be facilitated by Louise McQuillan, Workplace Solutions Manager at TextHelp, a leading provider of digital inclusion software.

For more information, contact Deirdre Morrissey on (028) 9046 06006, or email