Aimed at HR and Equality professionals, the Wellbeing & Inclusion series includes three sessions per year on current workplace topics. These sessions provide participants with the opportunity to network, hear from topic experts and learn from leading-edge business best practice.

These informative sessions will last for two hours and will help you gain knowledge and guidance on a particular area with a view to improving your workplace.

Please Note: Places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and book up fast.

Inclusion Revolution! The Power of Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workplace!

We live in a diverse society and successful organisations are increasingly recognising the benefits it can bring. Facilitated by TextHelp, this FREE workshop offers an opportunity to discuss ideas to attract, support and retain a diverse workforce.

Embracing and supporting diversity, including neurodiversity, can help organisations reach and attract staff from a wider talent pool, with new ways of thinking and problem solving emerging as a result. A diverse workforce is also better equipped to engage more effectively with a diverse customer base seeking solutions.

As an employer, you will have a diverse and neuro-diverse workforce and you have legal obligations to support them. Ensuring everyone is properly equipped to understand – and be understood – in the workplace is more important than ever before.

At this event we will look at examples of organisations that are successfully making diversity – in particular, neurodiversity – work for them to deliver tangible business benefits.

This FREE workshop will be facilitated by Louise McQuillan, Workplace Solutions Manager at TextHelp, a leading provider of digital inclusion software.

For more information, contact Deirdre Morrissey on (028) 9046 06006, or email

"Achieving CORE was a very proud moment for the Asda team in Northern Ireland. It was recognition for the very diverse corporate responsibility commitments being made at Asda and provided an opportunity for a collective celebration of these achievements. CORE provided us with a tailor-made tool to gauge the CR progress we have made across the business and to benchmark ourselves with other leading responsible businesses in Northern Ireland. We were able to identify areas where we have been strong and also opportunities where we can do even more to help our customers, our colleagues, our supply chain, the communities around our stores, or the environment. It is now a living document within our business, guiding our corporate responsibility decision making. I would commend CORE to any business, large or small. It is a thorough process and a big commitment, but the outcomes are very informative and will help any business make the right strategic decisions."

Name, Title

"We are delighted to be involved in CORE. As a large employer in NI, the structure and discipline of the approach has helped us review our current processes and ensures that we are being a responsible business. It’s a great opportunity for us to challenge what we do and benchmark ourselves against other organisations and we are delighted to be able to develop and grow our business through the CORE process."

Lynda Fox
Senior Area Manager
Openreach NI

"Diageo’s ambition is to be the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products company in the world and in Northern Ireland we play our part in achieving this ambition. Operating in a responsible and sustainable way every day, everywhere means that we can support our communities, protect and preserve natural resources and ensure alcohol plays a positive role in society. As such, we are delighted to have achieved gold CORE level accreditation for Diageo Northern Ireland. CORE – the standard for responsible business - has provided us with formal recognition of our commitment to ‘doing the right thing’ while helping to focus our efforts on continuous improvement."

Claire Hutchinson
Corporate Relations Manager
Diageo NI

"Achieving Core re-accreditation has allowed us to maintain our focus on our corporate social responsibility practices and give recognition to all the activities we already do in relation to CSR. It also provides reassurance to our stakeholders that the organisation takes its social responsibility seriously. I would recommend the process to other organisations as it provides a baseline from which to improve upon and look at areas in which CSR can be further embedded."


Gillian Hughes
Head of Governance

"CSR is a key focus for JP Corry, and although a long-standing culture within the business meant we had strong activity in many of the elements related to CORE, taking part in the application process has provoked a more structured approach for us. This has resulted in the formation of a formal CSR committee and we have already been able to improve staff engagement and plan out our CSR activity across a two-year programme. The learnings from the CORE process have enabled us to refine our community investment programme, which now spans a number of areas including, a paid volunteering initiative offered to all staff as well as supporting social enterprises including the Now Group and Women’s TEC to promote diversity in the construction sector. We believe CORE will generate tangible benefits for both business and society."

Ciaran McConnell
Managing Director
JP Corry

"Ulster Bank was the first bank to achieve and maintain CORE and we are delighted to have now achieved Gold accreditation in recognition of our ongoing commitment to being a responsible business. CORE has really helped us at each stage of this journey in providing an independent benchmark of our progress, a framework to learn from others’ best practices and develop our future plans for improvement. It has helped us to make a successful transition from positive intent to effective implementation of a fully integrated approach in our business, which has been positive for our customers, our colleagues and the communities which we serve. We would recommend CORE to any business seeking a clear methodology to benchmark and transform the sustainability of their business."


"Two years ago corporate social responsibility was a key area of development for Encirc, the problem was we weren’t sure how to go about it! Through our association with Business in the Community (BITC), they pointed out the things we were already doing and how they fitted into good CSR practices. Using CORE we recognised the need to formalise these activities into business strategies and policies, to developing relevant KPI for measuring performance and the need to share success to encourage others to follow the CSR route. Accepting the support of BITC through the CORE process means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; when it comes to CSR, BITC have it covered."


Fiacre O'Donnell
Strategic Development Director

What achieving CORE means to us

We were delighted to become the first UK airport to be recognised as a Gold Level CORE company by Business in the Community in 2018. Corporate Responsibility is central to our business and it is a real credit to our employees who have worked hard to ensure we are playing our part, as a major employer, in our local community. We are constantly striving to improve our standards and being recognised with a Gold Level CORE award is testament to the efforts of all our employees. 

Core benefits for our business

CORE helps us to identify and measure corporate responsibility activity and performance across our organisation, it also strategically supports our organisation to develop and improve our approach to corporate responsibility. As an airport, we have a wide range of interested parties. The external accreditation provided by CORE clearly validates our approach to corporate responsibility and has ensured confidence among our stakeholders – both internal and external.

I would recommend CORE to other businesses

The ten CORE assessment areas enable our company to map our entire corporate responsibility activity and performance, and also benchmark it against other organisations. At whatever level they are at, by completing the Standard companies gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, providing a baseline for next steps and further improvements. We began our involvement with CORE in 2016, since then it has provided a framework for us to better integrate our corporate responsibility activity into the overall business, contributing to its success. I would have no hesitation in recommending CORE to other businesses throughout NI, which will help to maintain and ensure everyone’s commitment to responsible business.