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The Good Food Fund is a Business in the Community initiative for primary schools across Northern Ireland to help tackle food poverty.

PLEASE NOTE: This fund is currently paused. Please check back again soon.

NI businesses will be invited to make financial contributions to the fund and these finances will be redistributed to drive the below activities:

  • Creation or expansion of school breakfast clubs
  • Delivery of healthy ‘grab and go’ baskets – placed in classrooms or high traffic areas and include breakfast bars, fruit etc, produce that is nutritious, easy to collect and eat on the move
  • Acquisition of important white goods, to enable the delivery of food to young people in schools. These are goods that will help safely store or prepare food such as fridges, toasters etc.


Criteria for the Good Food Fund is as follows, please read the following before beginning your application:

The school must:

  • Be based in and run by a primary school in Northern Ireland
    • Follow this link
    • Enter your postcode into the box at the bottom of the page and click search
    • On the right-hand side in the middle you will see ‘Deprivation Rank’ with a number below it – if this number is 89 or below, the postcode falls in the 10% of most deprived neighbourhoods
  • Outline the amount of money requested (up to a total of £3k per school) and demonstrate how this will be spent in line with the three funding areas outlined above, by the end of December 2023 (Spend on alternative activities may be considered, provided they focus on tackling food poverty)
  • Demonstrate the need for the proposed spend/application and outline current provision of funded breakfast clubs, grab and go baskets etc
  • Highlight % pupils on FSME that will be impacted by the funding or demonstrate that your school is based in an area which is classified as falling in the 10% of most deprived areas according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation.
  • Schools are advised to adhere to the budget provided. Any variation on the approved budget must be approved in writing. Please email for verification.
  • Schools must be prepared to upload all receipts for spend relating to their application into a personal One Drive folder that will be subject to spot checks. Additionally, schools are required to keep and submit all original receipts at the end of the project.
  • All unspent funds must be returned to Business in the Community before 31 January 2024
  • The Good Food Fund is for food that should be of good nutritious value and where possible should represent 85% of the grant fund. Equipment purchased should be no more than 15% of the overall grant but this can be addressed on a case-by-case basis
  • All receipts for items purchased must be originals, payments can be made with credit/debit card or cheque. Payments by CASH will not be accepted.

The following are not eligible under this Fund:

  • Gratuities (tips)
  • Gift Voucher purchases even for food
  • Salaries or gifts
  • Cash payments of any sort

* Only one application will be accepted per school

We anticipate that this programme will run up to the end of December 2023, with the potential to extend, subject to future funding.

Schools should:

  • Agree to share some highlights/funding impacts with BITC NI towards the end of the funding period.

In considering applications, and if over-subscribed, we will take the following into account:

  • FSME % of young people who will benefit in the school, our aim is to support pupils/families experiencing greatest deprivation (we are aware however that there are pockets of deprivation and families facing challenges who are not in receipt of FSME, and will factor this into decisions)
  • The importance of a balance of geographical spread and religious denomination of participating schools across NI
  • Existing funding for similar initiatives within the school that is applying compared to other schools

Frequently Asked Questions

To discuss this project further, please email