We are all living for longer, which means that the majority of us are likely to be working for longer too. In Scotland, one third of the workforce is aged 50 or over and by 2023, half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years old.

In organisations across Scotland and the UK, customers and the workforce are ageing. So, recruiting, retaining and retraining older individuals in the workplace is essential for businesses and the wider economy.  Businesses need to take action now to prevent early exit from the workplace, support later life working and make the most of benefits of intergenerational workplaces.

Business in the Community Scotland, in partnership with Age Scotland (and counterparts in Northern Ireland and Wales), is delivering the Age at Work Programme, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

We can support businesses to create workplaces where older workers can thrive.

About the Age at Work programme

Age at Work will support older workers (50+) to remain in or return to work in order to help them have enough income, stay connected and have a fuller working life. The programme aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the impact of an ageing workforce and the need for an age-inclusive agenda in government, business and wider society
  • Encourage and support businesses to be more age-inclusive in recruiting, retaining and retraining older workers
  • Support more older workers to remain or return to work

All aspects of the Age at Work programme are free of charge to all businesses and individuals. The programme offers a range of resources and tools to help support businesses and individuals to become more age inclusive.

Key activities in Scotland include

  • Raising awareness of an ageing workforce: Business in the Community has published the results of the most recent survey with individuals 50+. This highlights the desire from those 50+ to continually change to be proactive and to prepare themselves for new opportunities. The report makes recommendations for business to enable a supportive working environment. Download the three nations – Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales – Age at Work: Over 50s Survey Responses and Recommendations (June 2020) here.
  • Age Inclusive Matrix (AIM): Age Scotland will work with five businesses each year enabling those businesses to understand their current approach to Age. Each business will be supported by an experienced HR practitioner who will guide the organisation through the key aspects of the matrix, covering scope, aspirations, current reality, gap analysis and action plan, with appropriate checks across the six month engagement. A key component is the involvement of staff in workshops to explore typical stigma’s and stereotyping to help people recognise everyday ageism before agreeing and addressing goals and forming an action plan. If you are interested in availing of this support, please contact Age at Work Scotland Programme Manager Anna Savage, or complete the form below.
  • Still Ready for Work programme: Business in the Community Scotland’s programme of online workshops will support individuals 50+ who wish to return to work or explore a role in a different business. Individuals will have the opportunity to participate in short online workshops to increase confidence in exploring and preparing for the current job market. Online workshops cover the following topics – Assess your skills, Job search in the digital age, Create your social media profile, CV’s and applications and Interview skills. Click here to sign up to one of our upcoming workshops.

If your organisation would like to deliver an online workshop in partnership with Business in the Community, please contact Age at Work Scotland Programme Manager Anna Savage, or complete the form below.

Please click on the region below to find out what support is available in your area, and how we can help.

Age at Work is not delivered in England by Business in the Community, but we can support your business to respond to our ageing population and the needs of older workers in other ways. Learn more about Business in the Community’s work on age in England.