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Bombardier Belfast specialises in the design and development of complex composite and metallic structures, including wings, fuselages, and engine nacelles.  The company is the largest manufacturer in Northern Ireland, with a total workforce of approximately 5,500 people.

The Belfast operation is involved in the manufacture of all Bombardier’s aircraft families, in both commercial and business markets. Major nacelle components are produced in Belfast for Rolls-Royce, International Aero Engines, and Pratt & Whitney engines.  Its customer services division has facilities in Europe & North America and a Bombardier-authorised component centre in Asia. Through maintenance, repair, and overhaul, it supports more than 20 aircraft types for a global customer base.

For more information, please visit the Bombardier website.

What Corporate Responsibility means to us

Bombardier Belfast has an environmentally focused approach to product design and manufacturing processes. Ambitious energy conservation and carbon reduction programmes have made significant improvements to the environmental footprint of its Belfast sites. The company achieved joint first place in the 2014 ARENA Environmental Benchmarking Survey for environmental management, performance, and assurance.

Bombardier’s charitable foundation funds Northern Ireland-based initiatives, mainly in the areas of environment, education, and entrepreneurship, and it also supports employee volunteering in local communities.

The company’s award-winning educational programme works closely with primary and post-primary schools across Northern Ireland on aerospace-themed projects supporting the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) curriculum. Bombardier Belfast was one of the first companies in Northern Ireland to sign up to the government’s STEMNET initiative, aimed at inspiring young people about STEM. Up to 150 Bombardier STEM Ambassadors – from apprentices to senior management – promote STEM in schools.

Bombardier plays a key role in the Citywide Employers’ Forum and has helped more than 1,600 long-term unemployed find jobs.


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