• 29 Oct 2020
    Financial wellbeing is not about the size of your pot of money; it’s what you do with it

    Financial Wellbeing is about making sure you can cover day-to-day expenses, plan for the future and cope with the unexpected, enabling you to do the most with what you have.

  • 27 Oct 2020
    EX-offenders: a common label for former convicts (former being operative word)

    So you may ask why I titled my blog as 'EX-offenders'...

  • 08 Oct 2020
    Can we Build Back Better? Yes. But will your organisation Build Back Responsibly?

    Building back responsibly won’t happen with just one person or one organisation, we need everyone, but it takes great leaders to inspire others into action.

  • 21 Aug 2020
    From strategic to reactive? What has COVID-19 meant for businesses’ engagement with the community?

    “Stick to your knitting!” The advice to stick to what I do best has been offered to me on several occasions in the past, often from much wiser people than I, who know when to adhere to ‘tried and tested’ and when to try something new. 

  • 20 Aug 2020
    Got your results? Now, what? #GSCEs and beyond

    It’s results day. I’m going to take a guess that for many of you the day itself and time leading up to it is not what you expected and we have coronavirus to thank for that.

  • 17 Aug 2020
    Education, Employment & COVID-19 – how responsible business can help the most vulnerable

    Last month was exam results month and what a hot topic.

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