Interested in participating in the Climate Action Programme as an SME?

Participant Journey


Climate Champions will involve businesses across a range of sectors. Specifically, this will include:  

  • Medium-sized businesses (100-499 employees)  
  • Small businesses (fewer than 100 employees)  

What to expect as an SME participant

Expected outcomes  

The project would deliver on the following outcomes:  

  • Reduction in levels of Co2 equivalent emissions among participating SMEs
  • Creation of decarbonisation plans: each participating SME will produce a Climate Action Plan based on achieving 50% reduction in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and commitment to reducing scope 3, on a baseline year of no earlier than 2015
  • Organisations will be engaged in knowledge transfer activity, to encourage participants to share processes, practices, and results with other SMEs in their cohort
  • Businesses have the potential to introduce new products/services to their organisations as result of the programme. We have identified that a number of the businesses will introduce new services or products as a consequence of their participation in the Climate Action Programme.  
  • Businesses have the potential to innovate and introduce new products/services to the market as a result of participation in the programme

Want to take part as an SME participant but haven’t been recruited through a climate champion? Get in touch to discuss taking part as part of a Business in the Community cohort 

Find out how other SMEs in Northern Ireland found their experience within the Climate Action Programme.