• Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG)

    The Business Emergency Resilience Group (BERG) was created to help businesses and communities across Northern Ireland and Great Britain to prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies. It is an influential network of business leaders and strategic partners that include national charities and UK government departments.

  • Carer Passport

    The Carer Passport is a confidential document used by any employee with caring responsibilities. It allows employees to document their personal circumstances and highlight how these might impact on their working life.

  • Cares Practical Volunteering

    Support your community and improve the skills and team work of your staff with practical volunteering events

  • Charity Learning Network

    The Charity Learning Network will support charities to better engage with the business sector and provide advice on how to secure long-term partnerships for maximum impact.

  • CORE – The Standard for Responsible Business

    Northern Ireland’s only corporate responsibility accreditation, the CORE Standard for Responsible Business strategically supports companies to develop their approach to corporate responsibility.

  • COVID-19: Taking Action, Supporting Need

    In response to the current coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis, we have built a HUB for businesses, communities, schools, parents and individuals to help provide useful information and links.

  • Digital Assist Text Help

    Business in the Community, in partnership with Go ON NI and NI Direct, is recruiting digital volunteers to help offer free advice to those struggling with their technology during this difficult time.

  • Digital Donations Appeal

    Children across Northern Ireland are missing vital education and the opportunity to realise their full potential as a consequence of COVID-19. The impacts will affect children, families and the economy for years to come.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Series

    Our new Diversity and Inclusion Series will bring together relevant advocates and campaigners with business leaders to address fundamental issues around: gender, disability, racism; age and LGBTQ+ that impact on our workplaces and the wider community.

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