• Charity Learning Network

    The Charity Learning Network will support charities to better engage with the business sector and provide advice on how to secure long-term partnerships for maximum impact.

  • Circular Economy Networks

    Join one of our Circular Economy Networks to exchange knowledge and experience, and work with others across sectors to identify opportunities for adopting circular approaches.

  • CORE – The Standard for Responsible Business

    CORE – the Standard for Responsible Business – is Northern Ireland's only corporate responsibility accreditation.

  • Digital Assist

    Share your digital skills and help someone get online.

  • Drink Wise Age Well

    Promoting a healthier attitude to alcohol among employees over the age of 50. This interactive programme consists of social activities, stand alone information-based sessions, and resilience workshops delivered in the workplace.

  • Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Network

    Join our Employee Engagement and Wellbeing Learning Network that brings together a small group of HR practitioners and supports them to create a bespoke strategic health & wellbeing action plan based on the Workwell Model.

  • Employment East

    A Social Investment Funded project tasked to support at least 300 unemployed or under-employed people find future jobs, or to move up in their chosen career path through a range of employability and schools interventions.

  • EMS

    An EMS is a risk management tool for your business, which addresses environmental issues such as pollution prevention and resource usage. Business in the Community can provide support for BS8555.

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

    The compliance period for Phase 2 of the UK Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is underway and qualifying organisations should begin the compliance process as soon as possible.

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